About Ken

Whether shooting for a client or for my own love of photography, landscape or cityscape, interiors or products, I focus on capturing that sense of place with its distinct character and message.

When I was little, the geek in me became fascinated by cameras—how they work, what they showed, and what they didn’t. To me, every photograph is a story. Inspired by the Super 8 movies and slides my parents took to document our summer trips, I learned early on how photos tell a tale. To tell these stories in the best way possible, my go-to equipment evolved from my favorite Kodak 110 to a collection of prefessional gear, specialty lenses, and innovative, cutting-edge software.

The subjects that inspire me are architecture, hospitality, travel and landscape, and fine art photography. When a scene catches my eye, I first figure out why, so I understand the basic premise of the photo, and then, the story I capture presents itself simply. I enjoy the collaboration process, bringing different perspectives together—the client’s goals and messaging blended with my expertise at what makes a good image and how to best show off places and spaces. The result is a finished product we are all happy with.

Shooting professionally since the ‘90s, I’m presently based in Bend. Life in Central Oregon expands my artistic vision, fueling my commercial work as well as my creative photography. I work in both digital and film media and am available for shoots throughout the U.S. and internationally.