Your Virtual Home Inventory
and Your Investment

Creating a proper home inventory is exceedingly time-consuming to do it yourself. Everything in your home, its entire contents, must be photographed and organized in a database with sufficient details. Even with the apps and tools available, most people never complete this daunting and intimidating chore.

When we create your Virtual Home Inventory, we scan the interior of your home using a specialized 3D camera and software, capturing all your belongings in place. Cabinets, cupboards, and closets are opened to show what’s inside. Items that need documented specifically can be placed on a table or shelf. A complete scan of your home takes 2 to 3 hours and quickly accomplishes the most important step—visually documenting all your possessions.

Insurance companies often require detailed photographs of high-value and unusual items. We can photograph these items during your inventory capture, completing the visual documentation in a single visit and eliminating the risks of not having a comprehensive home inventory.

Your Virtual Home Inventory webpage is then built as a private gallery containing all the documentation gathered. If you own valuable items, antiques, or art, it’s best to include details such as the origin and appraised cost of the items. These details are entered as info tags within the tour and in the descriptions of individually photographed items. Once completed, you receive the login information for your own Virtual Home Inventory.

Explore a sample Premium Virtual Home Inventory. The password is sampleclient.



  • Virtual tour of all the contents of your home
  • High quality imagery
  • Capture Fee
    • Up to 2000 sqft $499
    • Each additional 500 sqft $100
    • Includes 5 info tags, additional tags are 5 for $25
  • Optional Photography Fee — high value or unusual items
    • $149 an hour, 2 hour minimum
  • Service fee
    • $9.99 a month
    • $99 annually (savings of 20%)
    • Includes updates to item details and info tags

Basic (coming soon)

  • Virtual tour of all the contents of your home
  • Standard quality imagery
  • For those who don't need specific documentation of valuables
  • Capture Fee
    • Up 1000 sqft $299
    • Each additional 700 sqft $100
  • Service Fee
    • $6.99 month
    • $69 annually (savings of 17%)

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