Your home, and everything you’ve put into it, is your biggest asset. In the event of a loss, you need to both identify what is gone and provide proof of possession. With virtual tour technology, we capture your home’s interior and all your possessions to build a Virtual Home Inventory. Your custom inventory can be used for insurance claims, family and divorce law asset verification, and financial and trust planning.

Your Home Inventory is Up to You

Only about half of U.S. homeowners have a home inventory. Yet, this documentation is essential to get a fair settlement if you face a loss.

It is up to you to document your possessions. Completing an inventory is a daunting task, however, so many people fail to start or complete one.

Typically, people create their home inventory using any means available from jotting it down on a notepad to downloading a generic app. These methods are better than nothing, but they often end up incomplete, out-of-date, missing details, and not properly stored or backed up. Often, the inventory isn’t started until after a loss, so people struggle to remember what they had. This method is not only challenging and emotionally difficult but slows the process of their claim. In any of these cases, the result is an insufficient settlement.

Without a home inventory, you leave yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Why a Virtual Home Inventory?

A Virtual Home Inventory is the most effective way to document the contents of your home, providing the proof of your possessions that insurance companies and advisors require.

The Virtual Home Inventory creates a visual tour documenting all of your possessions in place. Items of note can be tagged with their identifying information all within the tour of your home. Since your insurer will want specific proof of possession and values for unusual or significant items, individual photographs of these possessions and their details can be added to the package.

The result is a complete home inventory in a secure account, backed up and stored offsite, that you can access 24/7. Your Virtual Home Inventory won’t become lost or misplaced. When you need to make a claim or verify your assets, you can share your inventory with your adjuster, lawyer, or financial advisor, so they can review your entire archive of possessions themselves. Everything they need to know is available to them, so they can quickly complete your claim or verification.

With a Virtual Home Inventory

Right-sized insurance: Since you will know the value of your property, you can buy the correct level of insurance. No estimating or guesswork—it’s all right there.

Faster claims processing: Being prepared saves time when it matters most. 80% of insurance professionals agree that claims are processed quicker with a home inventory.

Satisfactory Settlements: Because you have a complete inventory showing everything that was in your home, your reimbursement will reflect the true value of your belongings.

Stored Off-site and Backed Up: Safe from whatever event caused your loss, your inventory is stored away from your home. Your Virtual Home Inventory is accessed online and backed up multiple times for added security.

Peace of Mind: You’ll know your possessions are properly documented in an inventory that’s readily available whenever you need it.

Without a Virtual Home Inventory

Inadequate Insurance: When you don't know the total value of your possessions, you won’t get the proper coverage. You’ll either pay too much for a policy or receive too little reimbursement.

Inventory from Memory: After a major loss, attempting to build an inventory from memory is mind-bogglingly stressful. It’s difficult enough to remember everything you own when it’s there, and near impossible after it’s gone.

Slow Claims Processing: Creating an inventory, determining value, and proving possession all take time. While you sift through the ashes and rubble of your home, your adjuster will have to wait before they can help you rebuild.

Insufficient Settlements: Lack of preparation results in disappointing settlements. If you can’t show your adjuster or lawyer what you own, they can’t get you proper reimbursement.

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